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When I got to Artemis last night, several minutes late, I thought that there was no way that I could catch up to that train. But several small plates, bottles, tiny delicious rolls, and a change of venue to Sun Liquor later and maybe I realized the error of my underestimation. Our table kept getting more and more populated as new friends were greeted with cheers. By the end of the night I think that we may have taken over the whole, admittedly small, bar. When closing time arrived, we adjourned to make unruly guests of ourselves in a nearby apartment, essentially recreating the puppy cam, and pushing the capacity of a striped couch to its limits.

The rest of the week was busy with parties and shows, too. Monday was the big blogsgiving at Grey followed by all day happy hour and possibly lifesaving burritos at Bimbo's. Tuesday was futile swipes at trivia in Ballard, of Montreal madness on Wednesday, Yeasayer on Thursday, and a party at Sole Repair featuring Sera Cahoone, specific drink tickets, slow-moving bar lines, and cupcakes on Friday.

The previous week was spent in Philadelphia, mostly at a conference with some walking around, eating, and drinking for good measure. I can't really think of anything to say about it. The city was was nice enough, but kind of translucent. Without being a bad kind of generic, it felt like what would happen if you asked someone to build a model of what an east coast midsize american city is supposed to be like. Then again, I didn't eat a pretzel or cheesesteak or Oprah's favorite macaroni. That could have changed everything.

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