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my sad story

So both of the people that were supposed to partake in TMBG related fun completely bailed on me. They were too tired to go out.

Cue the violins.

I guess I'll probably just stay home and do laundry. That sounds just a little less depressing than going out alone tonight.

I don't know why I care. I haven't listened to my TMBG CDs in a long time. Nostalgia, I guess.


your story was so sad, my left eye fell out. =(((

What sort of TMBG fun were you supposed to have?

Re: your story was so sad, my left eye fell out. =(((

i hope you were able to put your eyeball back into your head. that would suck.

there was a TMBG documentary at SIFF and a multi-media cover band thing at the Crocodile.

but my laundry doing was big fun!
Eh, it wasn't that great.
thanks. i feel better already.

plus: i now have clean clothes.