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barack obama

My top two excuses for not going door-to-door or calling people and telling them to vote:

  1. teetering on the edge of a cold and don't think that showing coughing in their ears or front doors would provide much incentive to get them out of their warm home offices.
  2. outside the sidewalk espresso sign was a giraffe leaning against a tree for Obama. Cute, but the plastic bag over its paper mache head was a little creepy. Signs and wonders.
  3. superstition. I did that last time [#] and look how it turned out.

But hey, internet how about we do our little part to make sure this guy gets elected, OK?

While we're at it, Washington Internetters, let's all hope that a rising tide helps a certain Vampire Weekend fan wins in her tight race, too.
gregoires, introducing v.w.
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