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After class, I spent a few hours on the phone yelling at people associated with BestBuy. I sent my laptop in for service a few weeks ago and it came back today. It wasn't fixed. In fact, they didn't do anything to it because the sticker with the serial number was missing.

The way to recover the serial number is to connect it to the Compaq website. However, the computer doesn't turn on, so it's not getting anywher near the internet. Welcome to catch-22.

After fully exhausting my patience and their ignorance, I went to Rachel's for "game night." I almost didn't go after the phone annoyingness, but I'm glad I changed my mind.

We played Settlers of Catan again -- hooray for sheep trading. Nikki and I won, shocking everyone given my usual passive game playing strategy. Anyway, it was good to completely forget about my computer woes for a few hours.

the other last minute good news: no eight o' clock class tomorrow!

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