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cure all

After class, I spent a few hours on the phone yelling at people associated with BestBuy. I sent my laptop in for service a few weeks ago and it came back today. It wasn't fixed. In fact, they didn't do anything to it because the sticker with the serial number was missing.

The way to recover the serial number is to connect it to the Compaq website. However, the computer doesn't turn on, so it's not getting anywher near the internet. Welcome to catch-22.

After fully exhausting my patience and their ignorance, I went to Rachel's for "game night." I almost didn't go after the phone annoyingness, but I'm glad I changed my mind.

We played Settlers of Catan again -- hooray for sheep trading. Nikki and I won, shocking everyone given my usual passive game playing strategy. Anyway, it was good to completely forget about my computer woes for a few hours.

the other last minute good news: no eight o' clock class tomorrow!


I just yelling yesterday about customer service! It doesn't exist anymore. Grrr...
Last year my father-in-law (that sounds so weird to describe him as that) sent his computer into BestBuy to be fixed because it wasn't allowing him to save his stuff on disks or CD's. When he got it back all of his stuff was erased from his harddrive and they wouldn't do anything about it because you're supposed to "back-up" the stuff on the harddrive...the whole problem was that the computer wasn't allowing him to back the stuff up. Anyhow, he ended up taking them to small claims court and won.

BestBuy story Number 2...the same guy bought a small TV for their kitchen there this year and it broke a couple of months later. There is absolutely no picture on the TV. He talked to them about it and even though the company has some warranty on it, it's not valid because he bought it through Best Buy..he has to use Best Buy's warranty which in this case was only a month. I'm not sure how accurate these details are, but that's basically what happened.

We're in the market for a new TV and of course we want to go to BestBuy, but lately I'm afraid to buy from them.

Good luck with your computer.


Thanks for your tales of Best Buy horror. Somehow it makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one ...

I know what you mean about it being tempting to go buy things there. Even after all of my problems, their "pay nothing for 18 months on cool technology" is pretty hard to resist!

I think my parents are going to deal with the problems in Michigan since that's where I bought the computer in the first place. So now it's in a drawer and I'm trying to forget about it (the ibook is making that easier).