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terrifying ikea mask

In the last week I squeezed into a bar, under a giant television, accompanied by cheap drinks, spanish fries, and a neighborhood of politically obsessed debate watchers to see that final faceoff between Obama and Skeletor as moderated by feisty relationship counselor Bob Schieffer. I went home fairly early to watch the talking heads dissect the proceedings, grunts, smiles, and plumbers before watching adorable Leannimal winning Project Runway and then staying up far too late preparing a half of a lecture for the next morning.

That night, though I was early morning exhausted, we went to the SIFF members meeting. We got a preview of their awesome-looking future home and heard some questions answered. They screened Un conte de Noël [imdb]. The plot description sounded like it could have been anywhere from maudlin to hokey, a french take on the Family Stone. But I should have known better. It's directed by Arnaud Desplechin, features a good portion of France's A-list , and is appealing on the grounds of pretty people in good clothes in attractive settings, the sort of thing that inspires visions of running away and getting adopted by a family of kind of awful eccentrics. It was very long, a good kind of overfilled jumble, oddly concerned with the risk modeling of graft-versus-host disease, and stocked with confusing and not entirely sympathetic characters, some of whose paternity I questioned idly.

Saturday was a studio apartmentwarming featuring sound machines and youtube videos followed by a taxi ride to McLeod for the last House Party (at least in the current space). I can't remember if it was my first, but it was a really good crowd, wall-to-wall in some rooms, welcome unexpected appearances from familiar faces, and people in half costumes for no particular reason.

This morning, after brunch, we took a field trip to Renton and I was drawn to purchase several IKEA items, mostly from the plantlife and lighting solution departments. Not entirely frivolous, but also probably not essential either. But after facing the winding showrooms, an odd psychology takes over and it's hard to resist. At least I didn't get one of the plush polar bears, right?

Oh, and did you know that there's a new Mount Eerie record. I've listened to the third track [svr] about a dozen times already.

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