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When I got to McLeod last night in one room there were people sitting in a circle talking into a passed-around microphone about the (supposedly short-term) future of print as (I'm guessing here) a delivery medium. In another, haircuts. And in another, a few people at the bar. From the parentheticals you can guess where I ended up.

Later, though, after the salon broke up a pack of cologne walked in front of the fan and we had to relocate and think about what our DJ names would be if we had an iPod ultra-enthusiastic DJ night. The only interesting part of this is that a guy who had been abandoned by his MS company picnic bros kept sitting down to introduce himself every time we moved to a different spot or rearranged our seating order as if he had severe short-term memory problems.

On the way home, all of the streets were apparently closed. The driver tried to explain the situation when I yelled at him for taking a really roundabout way up the hill.
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