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short week: seattle

After the long labor day weekend I spent much of the week working or sorting though a giant lightroom library of bumbershoot photos [flickr] to send them off to ice cream man. That is, except for on Tuesday, when I ventured out to Shoreline to see a friend who used to live in Seattle, who later moved to Botswana for the Peace Corp, and now lives in Houston. Walking from the very fast bus through the sidewalkless neighborhood, I wondered which had been the starkest transition. We ate take-out Ethiopian (who knew?) and had beer floats for dessert.

Wednesday night was a star-studded birthday party [flickr] that started with wine at Presse and migrated to whiskey at Linda's to pitchers of cheap beer at the Cha Cha. The next day started off sort of slow, but I ended up working very late and maybe watching bits of the awful Republican convention here and there; the main message seemed to be that they are mean, stupid, and proud of it.

The weekend was pretty slow, though the weather was the kind of thing we'll all dream about in a few months, the sort of thing that causes me twinges of preemptive guilt for not taking greater advantage and just buying CDs, finishing Amsterdam, skimming through old issues of the New Yorker, getting indian food, tea, coffee, brunch, wine, and going to a new bar and learning about how the mysterious house about to be moved up the hill used to be an S&M B&B. That kind of discovery, though, is the best possibly use of iPhone.

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