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old river

Speaking of boating, that last post reminded me to see if the adventurous snow dragons on the shores of the Wenatchee ever posted pictures of our summer river adventure. It turns out that they did. Unfortunately, none capture scenes of throwing bucketloads of water at other rafts or being thrown cans of beer by teens on the riverbank:

(borrowed from snowdragonadventureshots; more at their online gallery [photoreflect])


I'm screaming in all those pics. I love that pic but what happened to Lele?!
she must be hidden between us, leaning into the boat. I don't know if there's a really good one in the bunch. I just grabbed that one since no one had a logo over their face.
there's no logo over anyone's face, but it looks like this was the moment that both zoe and i fell into the raft, and your big oar hand is blocking clarita's face! haha.
oh fine. there must be a better one in there somewhere.