josh (joshc) wrote,

weekend : seattle

this is from last week, but who can tell anymore?

I got an SMS from my cousin about a plan involving a kayak and caught a bus from my office to Agua Verde. I found them eating mexican deliciousness in the park and quickly fortified myself with yam-based tacos and chips before stowing my possessions in a subaru and lining up to rent a boat. This would be the second time this summer I have voluntarily gotten into a watercraft that required my personal effort for propulsion.1

We were given lifejackets, plastic seals, and minimal instructions beyond "be back before closing time! (or else you'll owe us lots and lots of money)" and set off across the bay and into the treacherous ship canal. This was the most challenging, least rewarding, and biggest time commitment of the journey, but once we were on the other side we had fun paddling under highways and through vegetation infested smooth waters until I nearly glided over a nutria, which is one of the most horrifying creatures on earth.

Soon it was sunset and we had to huffy back with all of our strength to return the boats before sunset. By the time we returned, we were wet, unpleasant smelling, and proud of our foresight for having thought to bring extra clothes. Once we were dry, we went to West Seattle by car, over the bridge that spans the place that looks like the industrial end of the world, to a place with irregular ventilation. I was on the side of the table that eventually felt like we were going to die from the heat so we left and walked around on the hipster-free streets for a while until we all realized that we were too tired to do anything else.


The rest of the weekend was spent doing things like watching the Olympics, having brunch and melted cupcakes, seeing Man On Wire (v. good), and taking unplanned naps.


Re-reading this, I notice that none of this sounds as fun as it was. I also notice that the final paragraph pretty much sums up last weekend, too.

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