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programming update

Hi there. It seems that a lot of items are showing up at (the tumblr). I'm not sure why, except for that I like the easy interface and clean presentation, which seem better suited to somewhat frivolous nature of a pile of things found on the internet and minimally commented upon. Oh, and it also aggregates this and public tweets, a behavior that just might be evil and destructive.

But what have I been up to? Did I mention that a few weeks ago I was part of a caravan to Leavenworth to spend several hours on the Wenatchee river? I had no idea what to expect, but it was a lot of fun, I didn't fall into the river, I successfully threw water at other boats without losing the bucket, some kids threw us a can of beer, afterwards we had Mexican food in a fake Bavarian village, and on the way home I got a sundae at McDonald's. The only part of this that all that brought disappointment was that they didn't have caramel for the sundae.

That was a while ago, though. Last week had things like being slowly massacred by evil trivia, a happy hour with tater tots, a rock show with a Pretty Pony backdrop followed by Conor Oberst in a packed Neumo's, a going-away party that despite being populated by a huge number of chorus members never burst into song, watching the X-Files movie (I thought it was pretty good: creepy, a little implausible as usual, and delightful to see what Mulder and Scully had been up to after all these years), and now two consecutive nights having dinner at Cafe Presse. They've built a sidewalk patio and as far as Seattle evening weather goes, tonight was pretty close to as good as it gets.

Later this week I'm going to New York where the climate is unlikely to be perfect, but I'll be seeing Radiohead twice at a festival (apwest) that requires a boat trip to attend.

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