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so informative

so it's a great sunny day here in seattle. i've taken care of the little bit of homework that required indoor computer skills. i should really go outside.

my mini-itinerary: going to the post office to send my sister a CD that she asked me to make weeks ago. then maybe i'll try to find something to wear for the end of the world.

honestly, i half-expected the world to end years ago with all of the year 2000 stuff. i guess i underestimated the former soviet union's ability not to lose control of all of their technology.

so i really have no excuse for being unprepared.


no one will be prepared for the crazy shit that is going to go down tonight :)
I honestly thought it was going to end, too! Oh well. Maybe 2020 or something weird like that.


yeah. the damn planet just keeps going and going.

i wish they would just get it over with.

good choice!

I think the camouflage was a good choice for the party! I met you in the bathroom line (*grrrr* just thinking about it), so I wanted to say hello!

Re: good choice!

hey! thanks for the reinforcement and saying hello.

I'm so terrible with names -- I met several people with livejournals but didn't remember the exact details later -- I should carry a permanent marker with me!

Re: good choice!

Real name: Misty
Nickname: Gidget

Pick your choice...:)

Re: good choice!

oh no! 3x the # of names to remember!

Re: good choice!

ok, ok... I'll choose for you! Gidget! That's what everyone else calls me...