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unlimited enthusiasm, and a metallic owl on stage

I also saw Harry and the Potters and Neumo's last night. The few photos I took were terrible, but the show was awesome as usual. Pretty much the only thing you need to know is that their encore ended with a rewritten cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Because the floor was for the all ages part of the crowd, a lot of people went nuts without any twinge of inner conflict.

But really, if you were in a wizard band and had a chance to play a Nirvana song and have everyond dance like crazy to it, wouldn't you do it, too?


Excellent. I was trying to decide whether to go see them again in Ann Arbor next month, but this convinces me I'm definitely going. And I'm going to try to convince Jennifer she needs to come with me, because really, it's going to be awesome.