josh (joshc) wrote,

out of office autoreply deactivated


On my last night in Ludington, a huge thunderstorm passed over the lake in the middle of the night while I was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom and apparently being eaten alive by a flood-enhanced mosquito population. Having lived in Seattle for so long, I'm out of practice for both. I woke up for about an hour, unplugged my electronics, closed the windows, and tried not to dwell on the possibility of an old tree falling through the roof by listening to a This American Life podcast.

On the drive to the airport, there was more rain and fake construction that would have caused me to miss my flight if the same weather hadn't led to my flight being delayed. Now I'm back in Seattle, catching up on work, getting ready for a meeting, and trying not to scratch all of those mosquito bites on my feet and ankles. It just might drive me crazy.
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