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more awareness of internet traditions

This may reveal me as a grouchy neo-luddite, but I think that Buster's 836pm.com project just might be the thing to save Twitter from the rest of the internet.

The things that people post on it are exactly what I want to see when I look at twitter: immediate answers to the question "what are you doing now?". Not bits and pieces of ideas that deserve more than 140 characters, not half-sides of conversations like a broken IRC channel, not RSS pings or links to other websites. We already have pretty good tools for these things. However, I still don't mind the occasional use of the service to alert me to bizarre overheard comments or sightings of monkeys stealing purses from banana stands.


i agree, i get really excited about 8:36pm, it's the most interesting part of my twitter day. i can't tell you how little i care about software development tweets. omg srsly. i need to get some different kind of nerds in the mix.
bostonsteamer: 8:36pm - asynchronously refactoring my SCSI objects to encapsulate object-oriented BIOS functions.