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the worst is that i'm still half-watching this

Is the best/worst part of VH1's "I Love the New Millennium" series the way that the cultural commentators have to awkwardly gloss over the obviously terrible things that occurred in a particular year or how they're all required to pretend that the topics they're referencing happened so long ago that the audience needs explanations suitable for extraterrestrials?

Oh, right. I almost forgot what a fauxhawk was and that Katrina ravaged New Orleans. Thanks for refreshing my memory of them one after the other!


I'm still just... flummoxed that they have an I Love the New Millenium series.... Like, could they wait until 2011, at least??

Besides, I love the '90s. Not this lame Millenial crap. meh.


Are you watching this thing? I am so confused. Are we loving the new millenium even though it is not yet over? How can we swoon and remenisce about what happened last year? I don't get it. . .

Re: wha?

I KNOW. It's crazy. We are loving all of the new millennium that has occurred. It's especially surreal for the recent years.

Re: wha?

Yeah, I guess I can maybe see laughing about some trend or fad from 2000, but are they going up to 2007? "Oh, remember when . . . "


Re: wha?

yeah. I love how before they can laugh about it they need to describe it in intricate idiot-style detail as if no one watching could possibly remember what the trend or event without a lot of help.
haha, ian and i were watching last night and said the same things. then we started joking, "oh my god, remember the blackberry? remember the ipod? wow."
... from now on we all need to pretend like everyone we're talking about are complete amnesiacs. even we will have forgotten most details about almost everything and it will be possible to discuss anything only after summoning all of our resources to recall even the most basic details about anything that occurred more than one year ago.
let's see if we can do this for at least an entire day.