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siff, sort of

I'm not sure how the platinum pass holders do it. I've spent the last week seeing a movie or two or three a day at SIFF and already I feel like I've fallen into an exhausting alternate universe populated by organic farmers, precocious children, insufferable adults, and gay zombies where I'm always running a little bit late and trying not to survive only on popcorn and fizzy fruit juice.

So far the only outlandishly spectacular thing I've seen was Encounters at the End of the World, but I've liked slightly more than would be expected by assuming that the underlying distribution of the quality of films in the festival follow a Normal distribution. Maybe this means I'm generous with my opinions or that I or the festival programmers are decent at avoiding horrible things. Tomorrow I might see something about Meryl Streep or cannibal soccer players. But I also want to go to Times New Viking at Neumo's.

Really, though. You should keep an eye out for that Herzog if you like weird creatures and the things they study even just a little bit.


If no one gets eaten by a bear, Herzog is dead to me.
SPOILER: there are no polar bears in Antarctica.
I will be at the cannibal soccer players tomorrow!

I am with ya.... it's been the same for me. popcorn for dinner!
When I was home for four days right at the beginning of SIFF I had to make a conscious effort to avoid it. I ended up seeing Indy IV at Pacific Place and ran into a long line of SIFFers, but steadfastly refused to strike up conversation with them and ask what they were seeing. It's an abyss from which few return unscathed, and I had only four days to fulfill a well-rounded trip of Seattle.

I do romanticize it every year, though, promising myself that - maybe next year - I'll come back, with three full weeks off from life, and attend in full force. This has yet to happen, but maybe once I'm rich. Those Platinum passes ain't cheap.

More reasonable is perhaps Ebert's aptly named "Ebertfest" in Urbana-Champaign Illinois. It's only a week, always with some noteworthy films, and live commentary/Q&A's by Ebert himself. This is another thing I've always promised myself I'd do, and have yet to fulfill. Perhaps you can try to get press credentials to it and I'll tag along as a co-conspirator. :-P
If you decide to surface for Times New Viking/Annuals, let me know.
OK. I have tickets to that show via Sound on the Sound so I want to go to at least part of it. Just trying to figure out if I can do both movies beforehand: doors are at 8 and there are four bands. I'm guessing Annuals won't go on until ~11.