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Did no one at SIFF see the irony of segregating the crowd into VIPs and non-VIPS after a WTO film? Gala-goers of the world unite! Revolution for the free drinks we've come to know and love from SIFF functions!


amen brother. the party was not nearly as fun this year as in years past.

I hate to be all pouty about it, but in previous years the galas have been so much fun and I have heartily recommended them to anyone who will listen. The joys of scavenging food from lots of tables of local vendors (except that there is rarely anything vegetarian), drinking, and being a big crowd of people and running into old acquaintances. This just seemed kind of sad and empty. Admittedly, I didn't stick around very long once we saw the slim pickings: we had plans to see Indiana Jones at 11:30 and needed some sustenance before seeing it.
did you see the film, too? I thought that it was sort of interesting, but very very unsubtle.
yes - exactly! I had told many stories of how fun the parties were in years past as well. The two people I brought with me this year to experience the tipsy fun that is usually the SIFF opening were not as impressed. :)

Yeah, I saw the film as well. It was much better than I was expecting. I liked it, but no, not subtle at all. Also, I had the pleasure of working on the 3 days they filmed in Seattle so I was excited to see how it turned out with regard to my small input as well. LAME that they filmed the rest in Vancouver, BC though.