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there was a whiteboard on broadway tonight

For day two of the heat wave I didn't really want to sit outside and be crushed by the heat so I got an iced soy latte and a Zipcar and drove down to Renton to stimulate the Swedish economy. I haven't driven in months, the car was a collection of blind spots, and IKEA is an overstimulating retail wonderland. Soon, I was mentally incapacitated and getting dangerously close to the end of my reservation. This resulted in my purchasing a bunch of things that I didn't really need and slightly messing up the main thing that I went there to buy (summer bedding, an extra heavy quilt and mild weather don't get along very well).

By the time I got home, it was almost time to go to Bamboo Garden to have dinner with the bloggers. The waitress just assumed that such a big party was for a birthday. She seemed kind of crushed when she came out with a candle-infused small bowl of sorbet and we had to break the news to her. Someone should have just faked it.

We adjourned for some drinks at Sun Liquor and then I went home because others were seeing the Posies and I never would have even thought to get tickets. I briefly considered assembling my cabinet, but doing it under the influence of gin & champagne (the french 75 served in an embarrassingly dainty chalice) probably wouldn't be the best way to guarantee stability.
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