josh (joshc) wrote,

product placement

Today I went to class and scribbled phrases in my spiral bound legal notebook. The blue ink on the yellow pages is really nice. This was my strategy to stay alert while other people were trying to transmit ideas. It seemed more respectful than doing the crossword. Also -- the crossword was pretty tricky today. I just couldn't get started.

This evening I attended a couple of hilarious plays at Hillel1. My friend Rachel played a soap-opera obsessed woman in the first play (an original), and was a slave driver in the second (by Woody Allen). Someone else in the play known to me, Jenn was a very convincing imaginary friend and stage manager. It was really funny to see Rachel with trashy hair and make-up, but I think enjoyment of the plays is generalizable to an audience unfamiliar with the actors' regular personalities. If you, the home reader, want some inexpensive entertainment (with refreshments included) they are definitely worth your time.

After seeing the second play, I have a strange urge to go to Bamboo Garden...

(1) "Your people. Your place."
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