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rock lottery

Went to the Rock Lottery Sunday night and was amazed to see what a random assortment of musicians were able to come up with in twelve hours. Some of these bands were better than groups that have been together for years! I left a bit early out of tiredness and hunger. (Why aren't more kitchens open past midnight?)


pretty sure that fish fry place (opening thursday) is going to be open late, hopefully making things a bit better. what i wanna know is what happened to the hot dog truck that used to be outside of neighbours? noticed a couple of weeks ago that they aren't around, and they easily had the best hot dogs around.
I was disappointed that it wasn't open on Sunday; hoping it lives up to the much-missed Frites. I was also disappointed that the random delicious falafel truck wasn't around (for a while it was in that garage by Bimbo's) either. I guess Sunday nights are bad for street food.