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winter, continued


I started the weekend on Saturday drinking a pair of cappuccinos and reading a little bit of the New Yorker. Of anything from Remainder, I suspect that it will be the narrator's compulsive cappuccino habit that I will remember the longest. It's often those odd details that stick.

Just as the sun was turning to rain, it was off to a birthday party that was crawling with kids. The hosts recently had a baby, and one kid seems to be a magnet for others. (see also, ViOS on Wednesday).

After a bit of iPhone-enabled navigation, it was a going away party that was an unintentional sensory overload. First, getting drenched walking a half block in a wet snowstorm. Then, grilling on a porch just outside a door had the whole place smelling of charcoal. In another room, a guy kept sounding a conch brought back from Hawai'i and a plant attempted to become less seasonally disaffected by cozying up to an extremely bright lamp. We left at about the time silly string started to fly. And, of course, there was a flabongo.

Sunday was brunch and groceries and basketball on television. At night, an wedding reception at McLeod complete with savory snacks and ice cream cakes. It was also karaoke night, which I found surprisingly unoffensive. There were only a few ultra-sincere or ear-splitting moments when I experienced minor difficulties breathing. I stayed for much longer than I expected, but not long enough because I missed Jose Gonzalez showing up after his show at the Triple Door. (As if missing that show wasn't bad enough!)


You'd tell me if my karaoke singing made you want to die, right?

...Actually, don't. I like living in denial.