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I took my advice and went home. After going running in the almost rain with the Strokes screaming in my ears I felt much less distracted.

I went to the OUGL hive1 to do some work on my class project. I have not been the best group member.

The track changes and comments features in Word are pretty nifty for the commenter, but not always so much fun for the recipient.

(1) I think I'm perpetually amazed by the use of big computer labs because I hardly ever used them for most of my academic life. I can't really even think of any big computer labs at MSU. This dead laptop thing has given me a little more appreciation for my STFa work.

(a) This spiffy Dell does not have the STF sticker -- probably waiting for the pretty new logo


I can't believe you don't remember any huge computer labs at MSU.

a) b/c you never had to use them (there was one in each dorm)

b) you moved off campus early enough (there were some in every building, really - big ones = Union, International Building, etc)

maybe I'm wrong / memory lane

I guess the one in the union was sorta large, but the computers were crappy. I don't remember a lab in the international center.

Of course I remember the dorm-based labs, but they weren't BIG, were they? Holmes had ~24 computers, Shaw ~50, Case ~30?

The lab here is like the borg -- there are > 500 computers.

Re: maybe I'm wrong / memory lane

I think you're right. The computer labs seemed big, but there were definitely less than 100 computers in all of the dorm labs I was ever in. The only place I remember with huge computer labs and hundreds of computers was the engineering building, but none of you could use those anyway. Only us special kids who paid the way higher engineering tuition fees could use 'em. Lucky us.