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justice on npr last weekend

Usually I dread the "music segment" at the end of Weekend Edition, particularly when I'm hoping to sleep more. But on Saturday the guest was Justice, which made it worth waking up. Here's a bit from the end about why they write their lyrics in English:
When it's in French we understand the lyrics and most of the time they sound really cheesy. ... We just think that to write in English is, like, easier because you don't involve yourself as much as writing in French because then your parents will understand them, your friends will understand them, you will understand them. [NPR]

The exchange at the end about DVNO is pretty cute, too.


The other side of the coin is listening to conversations in other countries thinking, "god, they must be talking about something so interesting!"

are you going to the show? i think it'll be fun! :D
are they playing in Seattle soon? I missed them last time.

yup, monday! not sure if tickets are remaining, tho... got mine quite awhile back
sold out. hope you had/are having fun.