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just in time for rerun season, hulu

Hulu appears to be live and open to the public. In addition to classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Arrested Development, and Airwolf, it also has all fourteen episodes of Firefly, which I managed to miss entirely during its televised run.


woah, that is rad! they don't have HBO shows though. I guess Netflix still has me.
I hope they add more than the first season of Buffy. I was all excited to watch the last episode or something from season 3. No dice.
I watched the pilot of Firefly. It was the smoothest online video I've ever experienced.
I love Firefly!

I watched four episodes this weekend

It's so good! The only bad part is that I saw the movie (Serenity) and keep thinking about how sad it will be when one of the characters is suddenly killed off in the distant future. Also I keep waiting for River to turn into an untimate fighter but so far she's still just kind of twitchy.
I know you're not a John Hodgeman and all, but I just moved to Vista and what I found most shocking is that it has all 3 seasons of Arrested Development available for free streaming through its Media Center interface. The lil' woman and I were amazed at the quality and the speed. It is only too bad that the only other shows it streams are either crap or useless clip shows.