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I hate zoos but I love the Hall of Mammals

A quick stop at the Museum of Natural History to avoid a downpour.


stuffed dead animals

So one of the higher-ups at work and I were having a conversation about a particular day care center that I had visited in October. They were a fine center, and got high scores, but were complaining anyway. Apparently, through the years, they have been a royal pain. Anyway, toward the end of the conversation Lia asks me, "did you see the cafeteria?" and I said I hadn't. She explained to me that a couple of years ago, one of their big donars died. (It is a hospital day care, so their funding is primarily private donations.) In his will, he left his "large game collection" to the daycare center. Because of this man's status and donations, they had to figure out what to do with these large, dead animals. So they called Lia to ask if it would be okay with us (the state, if you will) to have them. She was like, yeah. Then they called back and asked what kind of cushioning would be required under these animals if they allowed the kids to climb on them. ! They told her that they were going to put them in the cafeteria, and that they had to cut out an entire wall of the building to bring in these animals, which included a giraffe and a hippo. I just couldn't imagine. I felt like if those things were at the center, one of us would have seen them. (There were several assessors who went to that center.) Anyway, I think they probably decided it was too much to try to incorporate those into the place, but I envision an amazing Hall of Mammals along the back of the place. What a great learning experience for the kids who attend their school each day!

Re: stuffed dead animals

crazy! I think it's so weird that they wanted the kids to crawl all over the big dead animals. Seems like that would get really gross really fast.