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Why so creepy all the time?

The meeting ended early so I headed off to the National Gallery and found without looking too hard for it some pictures of creepy littleman Jesus and incorrect representations of animals from before 1500. I can't help it. These are my new pseudo-favorite kinds of art.

There were also some nice Rauschenberg prints, British photography from paper negatives, and the odd Thomas Cole "voyage of life" series that figured into a novel I just finished.


I grew up just outside of DC (Montgomery County MD) but have never really spent any time there as an actual adult. I'm kinda jealous you seem to go there frequently.
I hadn't been there since 2005, maybe? I do like the city a lot. But probably not enough to live there. I'd worry about that getting infected with the sense of constant importance of the swirling political climate and living in a showplace might not be good for me long-term.
That picture (why doesn't the bible mention how skeezy Jesus was?) just reminded me that I just recently (finally) got my St. Francis wolf handshake print framed, but now I don't know where to hang it. Jason doesn't quite appreciate it, oddly enough, so my plan to make it the artistic centerpiece of our house isn't going over well.
I was sad that I could only find one St. Francis painting in the National Gallery and it wasn't even related to the wolf. I'm sure that you can convince Jason that your print deserves center-stage appreciation. It is brilliant. Soon he will see the error of his ways.
That is a bummer, there should be St. Francis + wolf paintings in every gallery everywhere. I'm wondering if Jason's problem is that he didn't get to see the whole series of paintings, and read the ridiculous stories behind them, so to him, it's just a crazy picture of a wolf and saint shaking hands. Although, that would still be awesome, really. Clearly I just need to find a spot for it and soon he will realize how excellent it is. And then in our next house we can design a whole room around it! Cause that wouldn't be weird or creepy at all.