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kwassa kwassa

Just when you think it's o.k. to hate Tim Russert, he goes and reunites the Capital Gang.

At brunch, I indulge an unexplained craving for a bloody mary, crowded with spicy pickled beans. Going to work and looking at the boats on the lake while the computers churn seems like a great idea for about an hour. Walking home through the park activated by dogs and people throwing objects and chasing after balls the early spring weather and Vampire Weekend in my earphones makes me wonder if it might be great to live somewhere that's sunny like this all the time.


I have no idea what I meant by that, except that it sometimes annoys me how anti-HRC TR is. Nevertheless, I watch MTP every Sunday.


You know Tim Russert is the God I visit every Sunday morning. To take his name in vain. . . LOL. Loved the Capital Gang - did you watch the rest online later? It was even better!

And it IS great to live someplace warm and sunny all year!! Enjoy your springlike weather.