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weather report

It's still vaguely light outside and it's after 5:30. I've gotten used to working until [some amount of time] after dark; so this is throwing off my internal scheduling system.

Yesterday this seasonal variation left me almost late for meeting at Joe Bar. A friend had recently returned from a winter Euro holiday; so we caught up over adult beverages and I had a nutella crepe. Then we saw Persepolis, which was o.k., but it felt about four times longer than its hour and a half running time.


I loved Persepolis. I thought it was beautiful.
Parts of it were nicely done, but it all just felt like too much to me. Or, too much history, not enough character development maybe. I didn't dislike it; I didn't really love it either.
I noticed the light the other day too. The stories in Persepolis are cute but the drawings are kind of ho-hum.
I thought that both the drawings had their charms, but stacked up all together they seemed just too long and not engaging enough for a whole movie. Maybe a chapter at a time in a book works better.