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concession speech

I'm willing to concede that having a glass of scotch for every Clinton win and a glass of whiskey for every Obama win last night was neither feasible nor was applying even the first part of this pledge the best strategic plan for not waking up this morning with a headache.

In unrelated news: now the Washington caucus matters. Sort of. I guess that's something.


You did not have a drink for each state. Did you? Impressive.
no. definitely not.

although it sort of depends on how you count a double, and if you only counted states that were officially called while we were at MOE.
Well done.
Caucusing is way too social for me. I'm holding out until the primary.
you realize that the primary is meaningless unless you're voting republican.
Yes, and I'm voting Republican :) Huckabee scares the shit out of me.
I think that I first realized that you were half in the bag when you talked about Hillary Clinton masturbating and threatening to take over the Liveslogging from the Stranger staff...

But it was a good time. Wish I could have joined y'all at Linda's, but I needed to get up for an early morning meeting. Alas. A shake sounds like it would have been good.
We were so close to a takeover, but once I got over there I was charmed by the Stranger staffers and realized that I really couldn't think of anything to type into their computers anyway.

Also, finding that Dick's cup in my sink this morning was a sort of horrifying revelation. But spending the last few dollars in my wallet on a shake on a freezing night may count as a preventive measure.

It is something! And it is exciting!!!
I do fear that the longer the race goes on, the worse Clinton's chances get. A long fight isn't necessarily great for Obama either.
Tell me more about this theory. I don't disagree. . .I'm just curious about your thoughts.
It just seems like Obama's support keeps growing as the race goes on longer and Clinton's is staying about the same. So he seems poised to overtake her eventually.

And fighting with each other publicly doesn't make either of them look great.
You're right. Today, on the talk show that Steve listens to, the guys said "Obama is going to ride this train all the way to the white house". . .

You were so drunk when I called you! It was really cute.
And you called me pretty early in the evening!


So glad to hear your a Hillary supporter. Doesn't seem to be many in Seattle