josh (joshc) wrote,

scarves and caps and sweaters

I was glad that Ellen made me bring gloves to New York. It was cold and I was happy to have high tech fabric covering my hands when we were walking around the city, even if they were the alien-like linings of snowboarding gloves that have fallen into disuse of late. But, on principle, I refuse to wear winter accessories in Seattle this week even though it is awfully chilly in the mornings now. My walk to work is short and I'd rather indulge the fiction of the moderate sea climate.

About that walking around, then. We went to a hidden piece of Maine where we drank wine and had to share a table with strangers, "european style", and it really wasn't strange at all. We didn't go to the grocery store because of the clicker bandit of Brooklyn. Instead we went to SoHo and I bought a wallet and a new bag that is exactly the same as my old bag except that it is a different color and the fabric is much stiffer so that opening it or putting things inside requires more of an effort. The MUJI store and Uniqlo were both fantastic, but too overwhelming for me to actually purchase anything among the crowds of Saturday shoppers. Another day, though, I did find several pairs of socks at Century 21 to help fend off the cold.

We saw Apes & Androids, who seem like the sort of band that you go to see for a spectacle or when you're wanting to feel stupid and have fun and not really care a whole lot about originality. The best thing at the Whitney was the room of simulated mirrors and the most awkward was when a little kid sat down to watch the intense Kara Walker exhibit. Kailin and Kip joined us that day. When there were not drinks to be found in the vicinity of a museum, we went to a pretty and quiet place accessible only through another restaurant that had warm drinks and strict rules. Dinner was at a place in Brooklyn that could have used some guidelines on space utilization. On the holiday we saw Cassandra's Dream at a nearby theater that scheduled all of its movies for the same time and walked around a mostly abandoned TriBeCa. Most of this was dodgeballed, even though it kept making fun of me for not having anyone in the city to receive notifications.

Then I took the wonderful wonderful train to Boston and then another train to Framingham for a meeting. Going anywhere required taxis to be called and the drivers were very talkative. Several mentioned that the town is being overrun with Brazilian immigrants. To me, it looked like it was being overrun with freeways and shopping malls. When the meeting was over, some of us spent the afternoon in Boston looking at weird musical instruments and some objects related to Napoleon at the Museum of Fine Art because the direct flight wasn't until the evening. At the airport, we had just enough time to scurry around in search of sparkling mineral water and sandwiches before catching the plane.

And now, this week, I've been spending a lot of time working, trying to get some more regular exercise, staying at home, and huddling under blankets in my apartment to keep this weather at bay.

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