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to avoid last year's mad quest for sold out tickets, I bought a three day pass in today's Coachella presale. Somehow, though, I doubt that Jack Johnson will inspire the same rush as Rage Against the Machine.


i have little to no interest in seeing anyone at coachella this year. thank goodness, i can't handle feeling like i've missed another big event.
really? I think that the headliners are odd, but they almost always are (except when they're Radiohead). I can't say that there's one super standout act for me on the lineup, but there are a whole lot of bands that I'm excited to see.

Of course, most of them will probably make it to Seattle.
One of the bloggers was talking about Coachella yesterday on the radio. They basically said that there are some really great things, and some really lame things, both going on this year. But some reunion. . . was really exciting to them. I can't remember who. Have fun!
That's the usual situation there. The headliners are often the weirdest part of the whole festival, too. I couldn't care less about Roger Waters or Jack Johnson, but the Verve and Portishead might be pretty good. The small print names are more than enough to keep me overscheduled anyway.


Why is Jack Johnson getting all of this indie cred lately anyway? I recognize he's on an indie label (or is he? wait now I'm doubting that). . .although I enjoy his music for what it is, very light, laid-back kind of background music, to me he is Pop. Pure pop. Anyway. . .

Re: jj

honestly, i don't even know who he is. I think maybe he did the soundtrack for Curious George, right?

Re: jj

Exactly - you don't know who he is. He's Pop. Yes, he did the soundtrack to Curious George.

Backstory - a surfer in Hawai'i, he dabbled in movie-making. He's such a control freak that he did the music to one of his surfing films (documentaries, I believe). It gained such a cult following that he was offered a record deal. End of story.