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can't look away

Last night we went to a pub quiz in Ballard and got zero out of ten on a round about movies. However,we knew all of the answers to the "random shit that happened last year in Seattle" category. "Editing" a website about Seattle pays off.

Along the way we watched the election returns roll in on an muted television, studying body language and pie charts. When I got home I impulsively sent some money to Hillary Clinton. Less than twelve hours later, she sent me an e-mail asking for more. I love it when liberal stereotypes come true. Maybe win another state, I'll make another donation?


Maybe Hillary was your candidate of choice all along, but why not send money to the candidate you feel most deserves it rather than the primary winner du jour? She still has more money than almost anyone else, and is blowing through it at a faster pace than anyone else. Rumor was that out of the $100M they started with at the beginning of the primary season, they only have like $15M left. Wasteful liberal spending. :-P
I've always had a vague inclination toward supporting Clinton. My disappointment at her loss in Iowa and relief at her win in New Hampshire confirmed it. Since Washington's caucus probably won't count for anything, the only way that we can "vote" is with "money".

Wait, what election results came in last night?

I feel a little guilty about it, but I am saving my donations for the general. I don't care which of them gets it enough to donate to either one, but will donate to the nominee.
yeah. I'd be happy with either of them, but I wanted to "vote" in the primary and cash is the only way since ours is after the (named without sensitivity to recent global disaster) super duper tsunami tuesday.


Arrggg. . . I hate that!!