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the only earth?

change change election change change vent change change cyborg

There is something more than a little fucked up when this primary is being decided by a herd of people who are having trouble choosing between McCain and Obama. I'm just saying.

In related news: Mitt Romney causes old ladies to slip and fall on the way to the polls:
Mr. Romney is relying on a sophisticated get out the vote operation that featured laundry baskets of cell phones in his Manchester headquarters, 100,000 calls made on Monday alone, along with door-to-door visits to 8,000 homes that day.

One of his supporters was Rosetta Frederick, 73, who took advantage of the nice weather to walk to the polls three blocks from her home even though she is disabled and her ride did not show up.

“It’s a nice day,” she said. “but I fell on an icy patch, and I couldn’t get up. It was 10 minutes before someone came along and helped me.” [nyt]



I loved Mitt Romney trying to position himself as the REAL change agent in NH. And he called Obama a "Senator Killer". Sounds like an awesome political B-horror movie.
Mittbot is kind of hilarious in the way that he's able to say things that are patently false without even realizing that everyone knows that he doesn't know that he's lying. DOES NOT COMPUTE GOTO 10.