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at last, monsterhoodies goes live

oh, the overwhelming cuteness of monsterhoodies is now a reality.


i've been thinking pretty hard about that all morning and coming to the sad conclusion that i don't think i can get one.
yeah. i'm already fairly committed to showing up for most occasions underdressed, but this would just put me into an entirely new category.
those are fantastic, i'm just not sure how many people will buy em for $60!
it's actually not that much of a mark-up. i think that those hoodies run ~ $40 at american apparel.
you could do it yourself for about $45.

a-ha! am app! :)my bad! :)
Holy hell, those are cute.

It is a sad, sad fact that if I tried to wear one of these people would mistake me for a twelve year old even more often than they already do, and so I can never own one. Which is a bummer, because I make an awesome dinosaur.
oh my god. i was just going to finally start wearing grow up clothing !
this is hard to resist.
but, can a 35 year old female really wear one of these without getting hassled ?

i'd be all about it if there were female hoodies. hoodies that are shaped for men hide my best features ;)