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happy iowa day

Does this happen every year and I just hadn't noticed until now? The press is really hating on the Iowa caucuses.
  • "The Brigadoon Complex" [slate]

  • "Iowa's Undemocratic Caucuses" [nyt]

  • "American Politics Stranded In Iowa" [kcrw]

  • "the Iowa Scam" [slate]

  • "Are the Iowa caucuses much too silly? Critics lament secretive, undemocratic process, that discourages participation" [carpetbagger]

Personally, I'm more than fine with another four years of not having to hear hear another breathless reporter describing how the dedicated political geeks comprising 4-8% of the population of a state that's not particularly representative of the country spend months engaging in retail politics, handshaking, and divining electability to turn up on a cold winter's night instead of going to work or watching the Orange Bowl for the sake of forming preference groups, determining viability, and choosing the president.


I've noticed that a lot this time around, too. Andrea Mitchell was grilling the Iowa governor about it thi morning. I don't know if it's new, though.
Did you do the WA state caucus last time around? I did. Even though ours is somewhat meaningless, I thought it was neat. I felt like I was participating.
I did, too! Plus there were a couple totally foxy guys at mine.