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Hello Chicago, Goodbye Chicago

Not so foggy anymore, are you? Low ceilings or fogs or something like that made United cancel my connecting flight; so my dad had to pick me up in Chicago.


midwestern weather

My friend Theresa had a flight from RDU to Chicago, then to Green Bay where her mom was to pick her up and drive her to the UP for a holiday visit. NW flight from RDU to O'Hare was delayed so long, she was going to miss her connection. So they got her on a plane to Milawauke, where she sat for 7 hours or something, before boarding a plane to return to RDU. She is now here for the holidays. What a mess!!! Let's hope for less weather-related issues when Steve and I start the journey northwards.

Re: midwestern weather

Good luck! The whole thing seemed ridiculous to me. Nothing good ever comes of O'Hare.
My friend Kip left New York to make his way to Boise on Friday. He never got out of Chicago on Friday or Saturday. Sunday morning he made it to Denver, and was delayed again, he finally made it to Boise Sunday afternoon. LAME! How far is it from your parents to Chicago?
It's about 2.5 hours. The "good" part is that I knew that the Chicago--Kalamazoo flight was cancelled before I left from Seattle; so my dad was able to get a head start. Otherwise I probably would have been in the same situation as Kip---having my original flights rescheduled to a Sunday red-eye.

The other annoying part is that all of the trains from Chicago to Kalamazoo were sold out and rental cars weren't available either.