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silly daemons

A combination of being between books, having the television schedule chewed up by the writers strike, and the approaching end of the year has left me wanting to see movies more than usual. Tonight I saw the Golden Compass. My expectations were low, but it was much worse than I'd imagined. The acting and special effects were fine, but to use an obvious analogy: it's as if the producers severed the book from its daemon and put the resulting dull-witted zombie script on the screen.

At least the bear fight was kind of cool.


totally agreed. looked like it really suffered in the editing. We watched "The Two Towers" a couple days later and it made "The Golden Compass" look even worse by comparison.
I haven't read any of the Tolkein books, but thought that the Lord of the Rings film trilogy was just so spectacular. I realize that making a literal translation of a book to film turns out boring, but I would have rather had subplots cut to expedite the story rather than crammed in and dumbed down.

So many nagging little changes: Why Mrs. (instead of Ms.) Coulter? nevermind. I misremembered this from the books. Why change the story about Iorek's exile? I wanted to see Serafina's goose! Why did the guards set their daemons on the kids? Little points, but there were so many!

Edited at 2007-12-20 05:42 am (UTC)
I had only read "The Fellowship of the Ring", so the last two movies in the trilogy were all new to me. And they are just aging so well, still as amazing to view as when they came out, I think.

I read four of the "Narnia" books when I was little. I saw the movie on DVD and thought it was craptastic.

I have the Pullman books (somewhere) but haven't read them yet.
That's a very apt analogy. Well done!

Why were the gyptians a bunch of whities dressed like they work at a Ren faire? Well, that's just one of many questions I have.
it's as if the producers were like: "hey, people seem to really enjoy drag pirates! can we fit that in here somehow?"