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at last, heima

Hey Seattle -- there's a screening of Heima on Thursday at Metro [landmark]. I'm super-excited to see this, particularly since the DVD that I pre-ordered from Amazon never showed up.



I've got nothing going on Thursday yet, and I didn't get a chance to watch my DVD of it before I left California. I may show up for this.

Do you know the time?
it starts at 8, but I heard that tickets are sold out. maybe you could find a spare at the door? then again, your home theater system is probably better than the Metro...

thanks again for the tip. you should come sit with my crew 'cause we are the coolest. :P

i'm pretty easy to spot 'cause there's not typically a slew of black/burgundy dreadlocked ladies in the house
I'm in California till Jan, otherwise I would join in. Let me know how it is!

nevermind, sold out :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
oh, that's too bad. It wasn't all that publicized, but I'm glad that I grabbed a ticket early. Who knows, you might be able to find someone with an extra at the door?