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anyone want to buy a rock club?

oh no. it seems very likely that the Crocodile went out of business today. [mb]

There are plenty of nice clubs in town, but the Crocodile is the only one that has a real place in my heart. Of all the great shows I saw there, my favorite is probably the Valentine's Day show with Carissa's Wierd, the Prom, and the Decemberists. All of the bands dressed up and the encore had a lot of them back on stage covering "Complicated" with guest vocals from Ben Gibbard.

I want someone to start a co-op so that we can all buy it. I have a little bit of disposable income.


I never made it to the Croc for brunch, but their dinner food was occasionally decent.
Even from afar this breaks my hometown-heart. I have A LOT of memories at the Crocodile. Here are some of the more rad experiences I will always remember.

-- I had a friend puke then faint in the waiting area and the club called 9-1-1. Turns out she was just having fun.

-- I brushed my bangs forward for a show one night and one of the Ruby Doe guys told me I was “cute.” That counts as the only time a band person has ever sort of flirted with/hit on me.

-- I told Sir Mix A lot I loved him and we clinked our PBRs together in a little, impromptu toast. Later that evening we made fake gangsta hand signs at each other.

-- I smoked a lot of cigarettes there. A LOT.
I saw you outside the Croc that one time after a Carissa's Wierd show. What venue is next on the list to go?
I saw that the Comet was just sold (again). Supposedly they aren't changing much.
I've got $9 in my pocket right now!
We're halfway there! I do hope that someone buys it and runs it as a rock club, but the longer they wait, the harder that will be (particularly if Jim and Eli find new jobs).
i remember that show! didn't the decemberists open for carissas wierd? that was the night i fell in love with them.
yeah. it turned out to be a great lineup! That was the first time I'd even heard of the Decemberists. I can't even remember if they'd released an album at the time. The next time I saw them, I remember being surprised that the bass player didn't always wear a red formal dress.