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I spent yesterday morning trying to de-toxify my surroundings. Laundry and cleaning. At least I have some clean clothes and the bathroom and kitchen aren't completely scary.

In the afternoon, I went downtown to buy some birthday stuff for my mom. If she is reading this, she would know to expect a Everything is Illuminated and candy from See's. The book was a somewhat selfish decision since I want to read it this summer when I'm home. I don't know if she'll like it, but it's a signed first edition of a new author.

I thought that I was being really proactive by doing this early. But when I went to the UPS counter to ship it, the ghost of Memorial Day returned to haunt me -- six days for me equals three for them. The package should arrive on time, but I have very little faith in the UPS system.

Having completed my shopping expedition, I went to Seattle Center to meet up with people for the Folklife Festival. Mostly, this entailed eating some food outside, listening to a little Brazilian music, watching belly dancers, waiting while people tried to win cereal bowls, and retreating to the liquid lounge for various acts. One act was a "wild cellist" who played Smells like teen spirit and a song about freeing the beast. The other acts were better, and we sat in a booth under a giant photographic image of Alanis. I had an expensive citrus-based alcoholic beverage.

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