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the fierce urgency of now

Saw Barack Obama tonight at the Showbox (SoDo). I went in prepared to be enchanted by his vaunted public speaking skills; I left impressed but not really changing my admittedly fickle allegiance.


heard he was good! maybe a little idealistic, but good!
He's a good enough speaker that he made a speech composed mostly a long list of of typical things that democrats like compelling enough to listen to for a half hour. I guess that's the problem of a stump speech: a lot of ideas, a few good stories, and not a lot of detail.

Or rather, that's my problem with his campaign. (Or rather, with how I perceive his campaign so far.)
yeah, i love his whole thing about how he's going to go to the UN and say "we're back" and start dialogue again, but i'm more skeptical about how his universal healthcare is going to actually work or exactly how he's going to successfully pull the troops out of iraq "within 16 weeks of being in office." sure. still, i don't see any better details coming out of any of the other candidates, so i'm willing to take this risk... iowa will be the real kicker.
The most substantial criticism I've heard about his healthcare plan is that, unlike Clinton and Edwards, he doesn't mandate that everyone buy coverage. This is a big deal, because it means that people who think that they don't need it (usually the young and healthy, who typically play a role in subsidizing costs for the old and sickly) might not participate.

As for the war. I think we're screwed no matter what and really hope that one of the candidates will prove me wrong.

That urgency is FIERCE, girl!

So, he IS your candidate for now? I wish I felt more compelled by one of the candidates. It's too bad Edwards gets so overshadowed. but Obama is fine with me, too.

Re: That urgency is FIERCE, girl!

no, I still like Hillary Clinton best.
He is an inexperienced insider. If he were an experienced outsider or even an inexeperienced outsider that would be better.
I found it annoying that one of his selling points is that he hasn't wanted to be president for his whole life. As if being prepared and ambitious is such a bad thing.