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thinking about something new

A different way of looking at this:

sciencevsromance . tumblr . com


I've been trying to find a good reason to use tumblr for months now. But the fact that it doesn't have comments is a dealbreaker for me. I suppose if you don't have a way to aggregate a lot of different types of content, it could be useful to create an RSS feed.
there are rumors that comments are coming soon. Right now, I guess I'm just trying it to see if I like it. It seems nice so far and is a closer approximation of the way that I'm putting content online right now.

Really, though, it's mostly that I think that the del.icio.us links on livejournal just look really ugly. And I seem to have forgotten about jaiku.
I heard those rumors over a year ago. But maybe the rumors are just slow to realize into reality. What do you think tumblr is better at than your current methods of putting content online?

Yes, del.icio.us is super ugly in LJ. I haven't clicked on a del.icio.us link in over a year probably.
Yeah. Comments didn't show up in Tumblr 3.0; so who knows. It seems like there are workarounds, but I'm not that interested in trying to set them up (yet/ever?).

Right now, I like that tumblr treats everything approximately the same -- links, quotes, longer posts, as well as aggregated items. The interface is nice (as compared to the Safari bookmarklet for del.icio.us which is atrocious) and links don't have the limited comment length that del.icio.us imposes. I guess that I could just put short link-type posts on LiveJournal, but that feels weird (right now).

I could also figure out how to aggregate everything differently than I do at sciencevsromance.net, but that would be far more work than I'm willing to do for something that almost no one looks at. Which raises the point that most of this is academic since almost everyone who reads anything that I post online looking at it through either livejournal, metroblogging, or flickr anyway.
Let me make sure I get this: the only difference between tumblr over delicous -> LJ is the formatting? That's an easy change.

I don't want to turn people off from reading my LJ just because of the delicious -> LJ content.

it's still an experiment

That's not quite it. I'm not even completely sure that I like tumblr.

For me, it's more the clean democratic presentation than the formatting. The reason that I might like this is that my old "everything aggregated" site (now at http://main.sciencevsromance.net ) really privileged the livejournal posts above everything else. Maybe that actually makes the most sense, but I wondered how it would look if each piece of content was it's own item.

As I mentioned above, all of this ignores the fact that relatively few people even look at sciencevsromance.net anyway. The sensible thing to do would be just posting links here if I really want people to see them.
ah, the good old days before me and my wolf friend were tragically separated...


the flickr editing tools are funny.
Yes they are. Prepare for the internet to get a little more blinged out.
I'd seen those card-sized calendars before. They're all pretty cool, but a lot of them would take me more work to decode than to just find a regular calendar. Luckily I now have a pocket sized calendar called iPhone to save me the trouble.
hi josh, did i see you walking up olive yesterday night?
hi amber. I think you did. I thought it was you after I'd walked a block up the hill, but alas.