josh (joshc) wrote,

several updates that should be broken into pieces

Friday night's SIFF-ing went fairly well.

We bought our tickets and went down the hill for dinner. At first we went into the cha-cha lounge thinking that we needed to eat on that side if we also wanted to drink. which we did. I am always up for creating potential for margaritas. The red lights and busy decorations would probably be welcome in a state of drunkenness. We found out that Bimbo's served drinks in the evening, and a table opened so we ate in natural light and non-takeout food.

At dinner, I learned that Doug used to work at Bimbos with famous people.

The movie -- teknolust -- was mediocre. I had to remind myself to think of it as a farce. In that context, it was acceptable. In a way, it was good to see something that I didn't really like just for the purpose of contrast.

After dinner, we walked up broadway to a chocolate restaurant, Dilettante where I had a Schmocalate Shake which is a really good name for a dessert.
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