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late to the this party, i know.

O.K. I realize that this band has already been hyped to death and halfway exists to give people an excuse to use their name in ironic or non-ironic ways, but I was shuffling through a bunch of music yesterday in anticipation of end-of-year listmaking and goddamn if this song isn't ridiculously catchy.

Black Kids -- "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" [mp3]

Like so many songs that I end up overplaying, there's just the tiniest bit of lyrical ambiguity. The recording is fuzzy enough that I can't tell whether it's meant to be a teen girlcrush jealousy story? Also there's some shouted counting and rhyming words with the same words awesomeness.


Oh yeah, it was the KEXP song of the day a week or two ago and I've had it in steady rotation ever since! It's so cute and bouncy.
Incidentally, I also RILLY like the KEXP song of the day for the next day, This is Where We Are by Raven and Chimes. I never heard of that band before though. Do you know of them?

Edited at 2007-11-30 08:48 pm (UTC)
no. I don't do very well at keeping up with the KEXP SOTD, either. Maybe I should try harder. Is it a podcast?
Yes, it is a podcast. I listen to it at work and I set up a smart playlist so they all play continuously.
love love love this song, I have been listening it non-stop since it was added as KEXP's song of the day. great pick!