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the sort of banal musing the internet was made for

Often, when I'm eating the sort of bagel with stuff on one side but not the other, I reflexively think of this exchange in Shampoo Planet as I'm deciding whether to eat the top half first. I'd completely forgotten that it was about shrimp. Thanks, Amazon "search inside!" feature:
"You asked me what makes French 'teens' " (Stephanie makes quotation marks with her fingers) "so unambitious. They are not unambitious, Tyler, but I must tell yooo, I am tired of your ambition talk. I ask yooo which is more fair: to promise your children the moon and then give your children nothing---or promise only a little--be realistic---so when you children become civil servants or drive a truck they are not unhappy? I think you ambition is croo-el."
"Why are you pushing your shrimp to the side of the plate?" Stephanie asks, looking at my plate.

"I'm stockpiling them as my reward for eating the rest of the dinner. Like at 32K memory cache on a hard drive."

A small sneer. "You know what is the most middle class trait of all, Tyler? The ability to postpone plea-zhure." -- Shampoo Planet [$] p. 243

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