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Naturally, I feel conflicted about this development


what the

Where did you take that?
succumb. you know you want to.
I still have a freezer full of easter eggs!
you should stock up to tide you over until easter. have you ever had kindereggs? they're just plastic eggs coated in chocolate with a special toy in the center.
I am already way overstocked from Easter. Then again, there's something nice about fresh ones.

QFC run is imminent

Whaaaaat. Yes.
I'm torn too. my favorite easter treat, out for the holidays. Are Cadbury eggs going the way of peeps? Will there be an eggnog flavored cadbury egg too?
I was just going to mention that there should be eggnog flavored cadbury eggs.
Ok now that's just ridiculous. Holiday ornament creme eggs? Stupid. Why can't Easter candy just be for Easter anymore? And yet. I know if I see them I will buy them because I just finished the last of my frozen Cadburys last month. Dammit, I hate being an easy target.

Edited at 2007-11-13 12:39 pm (UTC)
I know. It makes them less special, but it's hard to argue with having fresh stock in stores.