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i am not a stuffed tiger.

what i learned from watching t.v.

because "Hotel Chevelier" will now be shown before the Darjeeling Limited in theaters [cinemablend] it has been taken off of the internet [alleyinsider].


i saw the movie on wednesday. Hotel chevalier was no longer on the internet, and yet they didn't play it before the movie either. GRRR
that's stupid. I guess you got stuck in the catch-22 grey zone. When I saw Darjeeling Limited, the exclusion seemed weird, but now I think that I might like them as separate but related viewing experiences.

I still have it in my iTunes. If you don't want to have to go see the movie again or wait for the DVD, I could probably lend you a copy.
i might take you up on that. or maybe i'll just stop by sometime. Joana has it too, i was over there last night but didn't get a chance to see it- but maybe i'll watch it at The Mansion sometime soon.