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In San Diego

The air is smoky here. On the flight down, the pilot kept interrupting to point out wildfires across the hills.


What are you doing here in San Diego? It really is smoky here, ugh. I have a face mask if you need it.
A couple of meetings/conferences. I expect that I'll be stuck in hotels near the convention center all day and night; so I'll probably manage without the face mask.
the photo is pretty. go to that vegan mexican (pokez) restaurant a few blocks from the convention center for me, it's so yummy.
I took this photo on the way to Pokez! delicious.


irony! i'm so jealous of you.
Be safe, Joshy. I hear the fires are bad down there.
I know! It's all over the local news, but I think that the fires must be pretty far from downtown.
That's my home! My brother's a valet about a block from that picture! My friends have been evacuated!

different pilots

So our pilot didn't mention anything about fires from the sky. . . we met a nice retired pilot on the cruise who said that some pilots do things like that and others don't. We did keep our eyes peeled and saw several, amazing at night. I'm glad we got out of dodge before all of Southern California is ablaze. Hope you get out of there soon, too - but enjoy what you can!!