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This is what it looked like in Seattle this weekend after the fog lifted. On Saturday, we ate Indian food at Maharaja and then went to see the Darjeeling Limited, which was good and pretty and melancholy and funny like most Wes Anderson films. Some of the visual metaphors, like the fantastic Marc Jacobs luggage, weren't exactly subtle but they looked great and worked well, particularly at the end. The way they handled "Hotel Chevalier" being separate was interesting, too.

On Sunday, brunch was followed by a visit to Redwood, where we had to wait outside for ten minutes until they'd let us in to drink Shiner and eat hush puppies dipped in melted butter.


Would it be too pedantic for me to mention that it was Limited edition Louis Vuitton Nomade leather luggage, designed by Marc Jacobs? Probably.

During the last dash for the train, I shed a few fake tears. I want that Keepall!!

oh man. Nothing makes me miss Seattle more than when people post these pictures during the fall. California just doesn't do it up right in terms of colors. I need a gourd or something to feel better about it all....