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I fell asleep last night at 8 and then stayed home today, trying to sleep off a cold and waiting for the finale of Top Chef to show up on iTunes. Before it appeared (why does it take so long?) online, a headline on Gawker spoiled it for me and there was a re-run that I watched anyway because frankly I think that we all knew who was going to win from the first few minutes of the first episode anyway.

There are also these two quotes about flying. I saw the first, from William Gibson, earlier this summer and it seemed vaguely familiar:

However many hours in the air now, her watch tucked ritually out of site, dinner served, lights dimmed, she imagines her soul bobbing stupidly somewhere back over the concrete of of Heathrow, its invisible tether spooling steadily out of her.
--Pattern Recognition [$], p. 120

Thanks to research databases, I was able to dig up this, from Douglas Coupland from 1998 that I remember reading in the main library at Michigan State in 1998:
Some West Coast Indians in British Columbia believe that when you travel, whether on a canoe or in the Concorde, your soul can follow you only as fast as you're able to walk. I think of the times I've flown to Australia or Chile or Italy and there's my plucky little soul chugging along, only miles away from the Vancouver airport where the trip began.

I think about this, and about the need to kill time in the air, and I wonder if there's a connection -- if there's a need to kill time in the absence of a guiding internal spirit. We're all so willing to accept the strange reality of geographical displacement when we travel -- waking up in Vancouver and going to bed in Oslo -- yet we're unwilling to believe in time sickness. -- --"Lost in Solitaire" [forbes]

Not that I'm blaming timezones on my lethargy. Incidentally, the last Coupland book I read was All Families Are Psychotic. When I saw him on that book tour, he was loopy on Robitussin.

I prefer DayQuil.
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